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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Woe is me.

I. Hate. Period. Pains.


now i'm stuck at home cos it's too painful for me to do just about anything else. supposed to be painting my friend's house right now. so i had to bail. damn bad me. well anyway, guess i am free to blog now.

so i got my results today. i passed. everything. YAY! so now it's a new sem, new me.
New semester resolutions (which shall not be broken unless *totally totally* necessary):
1. Do not skip class.
2. Do not skip class even if it's totally useless and god-damned boring. sigh.
3. Do finish all assignments waaayy before dateline. yea.
4. Do attend 9am classes.
5. Do purchase at least 4 more new alarm clocks.
6. Do disable snooze button.

*Sighs again*

i'm taking my elective subject this sem, apart from my major (FTV) and my minor (PR). i'm thinking Graphic Comm, a subject under Advertising. why? simply cos i wanna do photography. yup.

next week's work week. do say hi if u see me desperately trying to get away from my job at KLCC. i'll be at the lancome roadshow.. dunno what i'll be doing. wonder if i'll work or end up trying all the makeup and facial products instead. hmm.. must steal freebies. *evil grin* work work work.. just to buy a new phone. mahai.

then it's registration week also. which means that college will begin in August. which is good. i think. i miss it but i don't miss it. wish i could attend class whenever i'm bored and not whenever i don't feel like it. there're people i miss, people i wish never existed.. or at least didn't go to limkokwing.

i miss nicole and iin. i miss cooking and eating at their place and us doing grocery shopping. which brings me to the topic of their welcome back party on saturday. die lah. work, how to go? i wanna go.. everyone i like will be there. and [K]'s gonna come with his red Superman underwear on his head. how can i miss that right? sigh.. nicole, i swear.. i will try. maybe u can call me Friday night at work, then i can burst into tears saying my dog died and the funeral will be on ALL Saturday. Hmm?


Blogger hayanna said...

wah u'll be at lancome road show in klcc?
if i ever pass by, i'll drop by to say "hi" to you.
i hope u can let me smuggle out those freebies....of cos for free....*wink*

5:00 PM  
Blogger hayanna said...

hmmm okie..i think "wink" is inappropriate..
here..i do again..
*begging with teary big bambie eyes*

5:01 PM  
Blogger spankylily said...

ahahaahahhahha.. girl, u're so funny. i hope i can smuggle something for you. tho i have to say, i doubt the freebie is anything great u know.. just small small stuff. malaysians are cheapskates.

5:02 PM  
Blogger KW said...

so how's work at klcc? can i drop by to say hi or not? hehe

10:14 PM  
Blogger spankylily said...

starting tomm only.. hehe. but i predict it's gonna be hardcore work work work. boo!

12:37 AM  
Blogger KY said...

you can cook for me too. bleh.

3:06 PM  
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