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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The name is Alfie

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Must watch.

Especially the men. Very very enlightening, i promise you.

I got rather emotional watching "Alfie". I dunno why, or maybe i do. Never mind that. I'm just rambling a lot today.

Loved the British accent. And i loved Sienna Miller, who played Nicky in the movie. She's his fiancee / wife in real life, just in case you didn't know. No pictures of her here. The post's about the movie, not her. Click the link if you want a picture of her.

No spoilers here. Go watch it for yourself.


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Like my beads?

.. looking at my previous post, and just about every other post. i notice my colour coordination damn out man.

*sighs* which is why i must take Graphic Comm, so i can get my colour sense well, coordinated. AND i have to brush up on my Photoshop and Illustrator skills. This time, no bribing (or blackmailing) others to do my work.

*hides in corner of the room and cries like a baby*

oh psst: that time, my back was peeling. now my arms, my legs, my tits.. all peeling. *does a whoop-dee-whoop*

Woe is me.

I. Hate. Period. Pains.


now i'm stuck at home cos it's too painful for me to do just about anything else. supposed to be painting my friend's house right now. so i had to bail. damn bad me. well anyway, guess i am free to blog now.

so i got my results today. i passed. everything. YAY! so now it's a new sem, new me.
New semester resolutions (which shall not be broken unless *totally totally* necessary):
1. Do not skip class.
2. Do not skip class even if it's totally useless and god-damned boring. sigh.
3. Do finish all assignments waaayy before dateline. yea.
4. Do attend 9am classes.
5. Do purchase at least 4 more new alarm clocks.
6. Do disable snooze button.

*Sighs again*

i'm taking my elective subject this sem, apart from my major (FTV) and my minor (PR). i'm thinking Graphic Comm, a subject under Advertising. why? simply cos i wanna do photography. yup.

next week's work week. do say hi if u see me desperately trying to get away from my job at KLCC. i'll be at the lancome roadshow.. dunno what i'll be doing. wonder if i'll work or end up trying all the makeup and facial products instead. hmm.. must steal freebies. *evil grin* work work work.. just to buy a new phone. mahai.

then it's registration week also. which means that college will begin in August. which is good. i think. i miss it but i don't miss it. wish i could attend class whenever i'm bored and not whenever i don't feel like it. there're people i miss, people i wish never existed.. or at least didn't go to limkokwing.

i miss nicole and iin. i miss cooking and eating at their place and us doing grocery shopping. which brings me to the topic of their welcome back party on saturday. die lah. work, how to go? i wanna go.. everyone i like will be there. and [K]'s gonna come with his red Superman underwear on his head. how can i miss that right? sigh.. nicole, i swear.. i will try. maybe u can call me Friday night at work, then i can burst into tears saying my dog died and the funeral will be on ALL Saturday. Hmm?

no time.

no time. no time. no time. no time. notime. not ime. no time. notime. notime. not time. noti me. n otime. notime. notime . no time.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The weekend

I'm too lazy to blog just yet. Have fun looking at the photos from KakiCucukLangit's housewarming party in the meantime..

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Moet & Chandon.. heh.

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(from left): April, Nazrul, YoursTruly, Richard.

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Tania's the one with the white top, Nazrul trying his 'muka bodoh', April and Richard.

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Tania's a writer for Juice while April's the Editor. Richard's a freelance writer.

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U know Nazrul. U know me. That's Joyce aka. kinkybluefairy and next me, as most would probably recognize, is Adam from 8tv's Quickie.

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The narcissistic side of us.

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*aww* so sweets..

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Joyce took this picture *points finger at the professional photographer*. Apa jadi, woman?

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The queen of the evening, referring of course, to the cat.

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Her name? "Bo". Apparently short for "bodoh". *guffaws*

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Some random shot.

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Does that necklace make me look like a monk? No right? It's fashion la, people..

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Group shot.

Okay. I admit. Everyone probably can tell just how lazy i am. That's why my captions are pretty much one-liners. This post is screwed. Let bygones be bygones.

Moving on.

Friday, July 15, 2005


There's this blog i've been reading..

So farnee.. It is definitely fun to read but oh-so-bimbotic.. (if there is such a word).

Today, i also want to be a bimbo! *does the peace sign*


I love manicures! There is this place called Glitter, in One Utama that i love to go whenever i have money. The manicurists there all remember me and they are all so friendly and so nice. So sweet!

Plus their french manicure is the best that i've ever seen. Madelene's the boss there, but Vicky and Annie are real good too!

One basic manicure is about RM32.

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See? They use OPI!

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That's Annie there! She's very nice, but you have to speak to her in Cantonese. That's me on the right :)

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Cleaning and soaking. Preparing my nails to be painted.

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Waiting for my freshly-painted nails to dry. Hehe!

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Why is it taking so long? So tiring.. *sulks*

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So bored of waiting already..

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That's GwenWithTheTan, my shopping kaki. She waited for me the whole time i had my manicure done. So nice!

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My pretty hands and my pretty nails!
I like simple and elegant nails.. i hate tacky nail arts with butterflies and such. Soooo high school!
So elegant right my nails? It's short 'cos my super nice long french-manicured nails broke when i was in KK. So sad! (Wah.. so long my sentence! ^_^)


Christ. Enough.. I can't talk like that man. Feels like i'm trying so hard to keep my sentences short and simple. So difficult to be a bimbo larr.. *removes stuffed tissue from bra*

The Fan-fcuking-tastic Four

Have you watched Fantastic Four? If you haven't, you have to. I swear! *nods head vigorously*

Chris Evans is so cute.. *sighs blissfully* and you HAVE to check out his carved body. Like, so totally drool-worthy! Eeeee!!

But of course, i had a very hard time concentrating on him alone when there was Jessica Alba looking oh-so-fine. I know, i sound very lesbian-ish at times.. but i assure you, i'm as straight as a snake. *oops*

Anyway, that's why i'm dying to watch it again. Have to watch again. Have to watch again. *goes into a trance*

Also, do look out for Stan Lee making his usual cameo appearance. Keh poh betul that old man.. *shakes head*

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The Fantastic Four movie poster. I thought the tight body-hugging suit made the guys look kinda gay.. But it sure as hell looked good on her.

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I have idiots telling me i look like The Thing. Do i? *furiously places hands on hips*

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The original Marvel cartoon version of the Fantastic Four. Apparently, Sue Storm's supposed to have short hair. Oh well! Hair grows..

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The Human Torch wins the award for "Most Gaya-est Hero" hands down. Well, at least in this movie. How can anyone not love having power over fire?

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And yes, it's Susan Storm.

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I dunno what this picture is for. I just thought it looked real cute..

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See that tan? That's what i want.. *sobs* And those lips.. And that straight teeth. And that gorgeous blonde wavy hair. *Geram*

The art of steamboat

Wah i DAMN pissed off man. I finished writing this post.. with cah-rerr and everything. Then the freaking system makes a booboo and everything's gone. Mahai.. must rearrange pictures again and all. *breathes in breathes out*. If this post gets a bit boring, too bad la. I damned P.O. and malas already. Let's start again..


The art of steamboat.

I've mastered it to the highest degree.

I love steamboat.. can't live without steamboat. Life has no meaning without steamboat. There.

Most of you regular readers would remember that time when i brought Elaine, Ryn, Jon and some others to this steamboat place. We had a blast.. and there was another time when i brought Nicole and E-in. They loved it of course.. I mean, who wouldn't? Steamboat is abso-fcuking-lutely DEE-LEE-CIOUS!!!

The best steamboat in the world can be found in Bandar Menjalara, Kepong.. which is otherwise known as the "steamboat haven". Why? Cos in that one shoplot area alone can one find about 6 or 7 (or is there more?) steamboat restaurants. If you want steamboat, you HAVE to go there. The best restaurant, personally recommended, would be the one called Pulau Ketam Restaurant. Ask Karis and Ling, they'd totally agree. I think they have a branch in Cheras too.. not too sure. Oh yeah.. the bbq chicken wing at the stall opposite is also to-die-for.

Too tired to remember everything i typed earlier. Just look at the pictures..

And DROOL!!!

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The uh.. "boat" they steam the food in.

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The variety plate filled to the brim with a gazillion types of fishballs, meatballs, seafood, vege, fuu chok, tau pok and lalala.. a whole lot of other delicious stuff.

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The yee mee and my fav bee hoon which i always save for last. I mean, i don't get it.. Why do some people insist on throwing in the noodles with the other stuff? Save the best for last, when the soup is at its tastiest, i say. Oh, and an egg for each person.

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The full meal.

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MatthewWon'tShuddup is idiotic, annoying and damn noisy. He just won't shut up and he annoys the rest of us to the maximum. He knows it and he loves it. That's the saddest part. Haha.. If any of you ever bump into this guy here, please do refrain from saying "Eh!" because trust me, my dear friend here will go "B!". He is THAT silly.. *sighs*

Eh, i look kinda round here. Yay Yay! *jumps around like a silly banana*

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GwenWithTheTan on the left, WinAlwaysShufflin' on the right. Not that i was worried you'd mix them up.. but just in case la u know..

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What did i tell you? *sighs in exasperation*

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I like me tan. Though if i could, i'd jump into my bikini and get a darker tan here in a KL condo pool. But of course, there would be the extremely hot sun, the lack of UV protection in the skies AND the annoying wolf-whistles from the Bangladeshi workers. No fcuking way.

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GwenWithTheTan: "See? I have two eggs!" Definitely ovulation time, Gwen.
I have no idea what WinAlwaysShufflin' is trying to imply. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a soup ladle. There's one with holes, for scooping up food.. and one without the holes, for the soup. (why do i realise that i'm getting crappier by the day? Posting pictures don't require as much brains as writing a long, wordy entry. There goes my brains. I'll just have to be satisfied with my beauty. *Heh* Relax lar.. i'm just kidding.)

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Tomyam on the left, clear soup on the right. Or is it the other way around? *squints*

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Three of the eggs being cooked. The fourth one had a very unfortunate encounter with MatthewWon'tShuddup. *shakes head*

Oh please, don't break eggs in the soup. I like the soup just the way it is, thank you.

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Half-boiled egg.

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Hard-boiled egg.

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The TakNak campaign.

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Our very own Nak campaign - brainchild of GwenWithTheTan and WinAlwaysShufflin'.
It was so funny to see them puffing and puffing away just to get the ciggies at the right length. *tee-hee*

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The sillies being silly as i pumped the petrol. We are allowed to use cameras at gas stations right? :)
Matt looks like he's about to puke 'cause we went around a roundabout many times again, just to get some giggles. So weird we are.

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I decided to make a pit stop, also in Kepong, to get durians. D-24, baby!
Hmm.. imagine boobies the size of D24s. D would be huge, but 24??

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See the durians with the flourescent orange paint at the back? Those are the ones i got. Apparently it's of a special breed. Called The Elvis. Chewah! Nama glamour right? I wonder if i got conned :/

Most of the pictures you see on the post today were taken by GwenWithTheTan and WinAlwaysShufflin'. You can always tell when friends of a photowhore are starting to be photowhore-wannabes themselves :) Gwen's totally addicted to my Ixus while Win is always going "Eh, take pictures.. can blog later!" Haha.. thanks guys. Damn supportive la!


MatthewWon'tShuddup was of course, busy talking.. to himself.

Psst: If you guys ever go for steamboat, CALL ME!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005




I can't post pictures anymore.. WHY? Cos i'm using the free version of Photobucket. And it says album full. So i deleted some pictures lah.. Thought i was so smart.


Then i realised some of my pictures from my blog were missing. Stupid right?


HOW NOW???!!!!!!!!!!

That woman.. and i.

I know.

This is very very late.

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Dearest Elaine,

A very happy birthday to you
. You are not old. *chuckles to self* This post is way overdue. And you may smack me all you want. I've been too busy licking peeling off my dry/used-to-be-tanned skin. We all have our weird fetishes.

Now Ryn, pray, do tell.. which part of ElaineTheBirthdayGirl and i makes us look like aliens to you, huh?