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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The land of 'lala'ness

Venue: Starbucks, Sunway Pyramid

Time: 10:30pm

15 noisy, irritating Ah Lians and Ah Bengs singing a Birthday song for their beloved Ah Beng friend. Very loudly. Clapping clapping hand somemore. Problem is.. they're not high school kids anymore. More than half of them were in their Ah Beng office garb, standing proudly with their bad bad haircuts, loudly cussing in chinese. I'm not against birthdays.. don't get me wrong. But HELLO.. you don't OWN the damn place.

I almost snapped when the Ah Lians started squealing and hiau-ly ran around the place smeared icing and cream all over the guys. Eww! *shudders* We're talking about adults here. Playing with your food? Just how high school is that? I'm sorry lah.. but i believe jinjang (not the place) people tend to have mentalities that mature about 10 times slower than an average educated person's. They *points a finger at the group* have just proved my point.

Tolong lah. Keep disgraceful behavior like this for the privacy of your Ah Lian homes, with your Ah Lian posters of Jay Chou and Aaron Kwok all over your Ah Lian walls, and you can have all the fun you want with your Ah Lian cake.

Verdict: Totally unacceptable behavior.

The crown of glory or crown of 'gory'?


The things we girls do and the great lengths we would go for great-looking, mirror-reflecting, shine-bursting, bouncy hair.

There's the hair mousse, hair spray, shine serum, hair cream, treatment mask, clay, mud and about a million other things. Oh mud-schmud!! Bah!

I give up.

It used to be just the shampoo and the conditioner. Now, even shampoo is confusing: revitalising, calming, beautifying, volumising, rehydrating, replenishing. Oh christ.. What IS the difference, really? If one looks in the thesaurus, he/she'd probably find majority of those words under the came category. So what's with the great variety? Oh, and can someone please tell me how to pronounce "Schwarzkopf"?

I've always wanted full, big, sexy hair. Like them Victoria's Angels.
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Did you really think that the lingerie would look half as good if Adriana Lima was bald?

Hair is like the ribbon on a present. It makes or breaks the way you look. In my case, it's the latter. Damn 'sueh'..
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I will never have hair like her's.
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Or her's.
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Well, i guess i'd have to have a decent amount of hair to begin with. *pauses* Which, i don't.. *bursts into tears*
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So i guess this means no amount of hairmoussesprayshineserumcreamtreatmentmaskclaymud is gonna do me any good. This would also mean that i've wasted hundreds (or maybe thousands) of ringgits trying (in vain, mind you) to turn my few s t r a y strands into a mop of messy, out-of-bed, sexed-up, glorious looking hair. Never gonna work.

Fyi, when i wake up.. my hair's always matted at the back, the ends look stringy and i'd have 3 or 4 different partings instead of just 1. Unlike the cast of Sex and the City, who wake up looking like pure sex kittens, i wake up looking like a cat who's been in and out of a car wash, clawed its way through a typhoon and ended up sleeping in some random DBKL tong sampah.

By mid-noon, after strenous washing, conditioning, brushing, blowing and etc etc etc.. i'd probably end up looking like her. *points below*
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All that blowing and still it ends up smack-flat on my head. Damn sad. On her, it might look good.. i dunno. On me, it sure doesn't. *shakes head sadly*
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Just doing a friend a favor :)

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Calling all shufflers!
GLOW presents:


Venue : Forum (between breakers and coffee bean, Hartamas)
Time : 2pm - 12am (10hrs)
Line ups :
- Soul - T (P.H.D)
- Slinky Jo
- Ginster
- Ian Ross
- Takanori
- Gary C
- WllyThKd
- XiLe
- Bass Agents
- Glow Shufllerz ft. Hayden

For Tickets, RM35 presale / RM40 door
Contact : Win / 0163639423

18 and above only
@ Merc Booths : Phat Pants, Hoodies, Candy Bracelets and More!
Tickets also available at Groove Syndicate (Htms)

More Info @

Saturday, June 25, 2005


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The big bad STRONG Siren is down!

Yeap.. silly-lily is sick. with flu.. with fever.. and a massively painful sore throat.
I missed the Juice party at Nouvo last night. Bye bye VIP passes.. someone please tell me it was a good thing i didn't go. And i had to pass on the trip to Genting today. Some new rollercoaster, i heard. *sobs* i love rollercoasters.. someone please bring me again..

I got the bug from Sue-the-Moo and MiniLini has sorethroat. Don't say anything. I KNOW!

Been at home all day yesterday. Slept 24-hours around the clock and only woke up for a miserable bowl of porridge, which i couldn't finish. Thanks for buying food though, Sue!

Btw Sue, that silly boy brought me panadols and the fever cool patch after you left. Stuck one on my forehead and put the rest in the fridge. I went to sleep and he gatal-gatal took one out and put it on HIS forehead. He woke me up to tell me it's too cold for him so he gave it to me. There i was.. with two fever cool patches. *sigh*

Eh hehe.. look at the picture of the raccoon. Haha.. the idiot reading the book upside down. Haha..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


It is very-the-fcuking-embarrassing when you call up a friend all the way in Jakarta to wish him a very Happy Birthday at midnight.

Only to have him tell you that it's still eleven pm there.

Dang timelines..

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pissing Alcohol Pt. 2

Ho-kay.. let's start from the beginning. It was a hot hot sunny sunny afternoon when Sue-the-Moo and i decided to drive down to Ampang to look for MiniLini.

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As you can see, it was so fcuking jam. 5 o'clock- jam. 3 o'clock also jam. So what time can we actually go out?

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Thank god it wasn't me driving, so what does a bored person do in the midst of a KL traffic jam? Take photos lar..

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Very the miang. Yes i know.. :)

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Then i started getting reeeeall bored of the jam.

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Sue got so stressed that she had to smoke. Or i guess, that could have just been an excuse to whip out another stick.

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Even after we got MiniLini from her house, it was jammed all the way to Great Eastern Mall. She got quite the geram also..

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Why is it so damned jam? WHY WHY WHY???

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We eventually got to Great Eastern Mall where we met up with Adriano. The monkey brought Starbucks coffee into Strudels. No respect punya budak!

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We brought books to read.. or at least Sue and i both brought books. Lini stuck to pictures, hence the Glamour.

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I was trying to read man.. Don't freaking take a picture of me when i'm having my intellectual moment.

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Haha.. that's my tongue. And Sue's hair.. I was aiming for the cheeks btw..

I know that every sentence is a one-liner. Chill la.. I can't write essays all the time you know.. This shiet is pretty tiring. Like i said in the post earlier. I am on a baaaaad hangover. My brain's malfunctioning.. my fingers aren't even synchronized with my thoughts. Bleargh..

What was seemingly an innocent evening outing turned into a disastrous night of drinking when Lini invited us to a friend's farewell party. Apparently this guy has been to Melbourne and back like a million times.. but everytime he steps off or on a plane, they just use it as an excuse to open more bottles. Geez.. Why bother with the excuses anyway?

First, we had dinner at the Royal Selangor Club. Japanese food.. order all you want okay? Yum!! Had sukiyaki and california roles and and and.. oh yum!! They ate pretty fast though.. i guess everyone just couldn't wait to start the party. The girls and i were still finishing our food when we realised that the rest of the party were missing. We found them where? On the lower floor near the field, drinking out of bottles of Black Labels. Tak sabar-sabar man this people..

Somehow we managed to get off our asses and headed over to Modesto's Bangsar. By then, i was sloshed. People who didn't know each other became brothers and best friends over the alcohol. Many "i-love-yous" were exchanged. Everyone was hugging everyone. There you go.. a typical night out drinking. Sanjay (boy who's leaving) specially bought me a Bloody Mary. Oh joy! *hugs Sanjay*

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Arisha and Farah

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I was posing with the ciggie.. not smoking it.

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You want some?

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The silly pictures we take when we're drunk

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And another one..

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The girls looking all pretty..

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I could hardly stand straight man..

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The two girls i love..

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Us girls again..

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And again..

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I don't know why.. i just love this shot..

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Aww.. :)

I was puking in the toilet by the time the bottles were empty. *puke puke puke* I was dancing like a mad cow and talking crap. You would be amazed by the shit i come up with when i'm high man.. When Modesto's was closing, i finally thought "yay.. bed". Right. So i thought.

I got into the car and found myself in Bukit Antarabangsa at Sanjay's place. And i thought i was going home! There we were 6 or 7 cars (i couldn't bloody well count at that point right?) outside his HUGE mansion waiting to drink again. We drove past his 25 human-eating dogs and walked up 4 flights to the private bar where they opened another few bottles. Just looking at the bottles made me wanna throw up all over again, so being smart.. i just kept pretending i was still high even though i was pretty sober by then. I walked around like a drunkard, kept losing my shoes, changed the songs every few seconds and kept dancing around like there was no tomorrow. Somehow, i managed to avoid having to drink again.

You know what? I think this is it. Enough of drinking. Seriously.. too much to handle. In the end, who drove home? Yeah. ME.

If I were..

If I were a color, I'd be hot bloody ruby red, because I am passionate, aggressive and fiery..

If I were a car, I'd be a new driver's 2 year old car, because I'd have dents and bruises from mistakes that were made and accidents gone wrong, but i'd be strong enough to know that i can still go a long way..

If I were a number, I'd be 1, because i'll be the first number every young child will learn. That and also the fact that i'm as thin as the number 1..

If I were an animal, I'd be a tiger. Wild, fierce and afraid of no one..

If I were a building, I'd be a nightclub. Loud, exciting and oozing with energy..

If I were a dance, I'd be the Salsa because it's sexy, very intimate and super sensual..

If I were a song, I'd be "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani because it's so catchy, so cute and so one-of-a-kind..

If I were a flower, I'd be the Naked Lady Lily. Muahaha.. just because i like the way it sounds..

If I were a country, I'd be Italy, because it's dreamy and romantic, with many stories left untold..

If I were a monster, I'd be Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. because I'm short and annoying like he is..

If I were an element, I'd be fire, definitely, because then if you annoy me, I'd burn you alive. If i like you, I'll keep things warm and bright for you..

If I were a penis, I'd make sure I remember to wash up before and during dates..

And if I were me, I'd be me.

:: taken and adapted from nicole's.

Pissing Alcohol

I was so blardy drunk last night. Supposed to go for Strudels, have dinner in Alexis Ampang then come home. Perfectly innocent outing. Don't know how we somehow ended up in 3 different locations. Drinking, drinking, drinking. Right up to 5am. Jeezus..

I'm too tired and hangover-ish to write man.. when i finally upload the drunkard pictures.. you'll get what i mean.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Petaling Street & 1/2

Never attempt to peruse around in Petaling Street unless you are ready to face the all-too-familiar circumstances, which I'm sure everyone is aware of. Unfortunately, me and posse suffered an instatiable hunger for road side food, a tremendous spiritual force urged us to think of the Holy Food Haven in the heart of KL. Tralala. Despite the meagre amount of direction provided by MiniLini's BF, we managed to find our way there. A feat to which we celebrated in style over a plate of Yee Mee and Pan Mee.

I took the liberty of pointing out Sue-The-Moo's uncanny taste in music. All three of us hovered over the VCD stall, there were generous displays of the latest CD's on one side and a pile of rejected, dejected and ejected ones. Guess which side was she on. In her hands laid Il Divo, Josh Groban(fighting urge to excurgigate), Ray Charles and some dead singer whom I'm not obliged to remember. Well, we can't have that happening now can we? Not that i'm against these singers, but this woman lives on these slow slow stuff alone. How can? We made her buy some contemporary cds and before you know it, we paid for our purchases and her with a better selection in hand.

Geniuses we are not, because whilst we remembered to ask for directions on how to get there, we neglected the question on how to get home. Anyway, tripping up and down the highway, making all the wrong turns imaginable, by the grace of the divine we managed to trample upon the road leading back to Ampang. Tada.

So anyway, PS is done. Tis time for supper! People should make it a point to make supper a compulsory meal. I had the infamous burger sepah and Sue-The-Moo had two cans of beer. Hehe. There we were, three of us plopped in front of MiniLini's Mac watching Sex In The City. A night well spent, I say :)

Oh! Before I forget, I'd like to correct the common misconception that all cops are corrupt. Last night, on our way back to Subang, our car got waived down at the road block. At this point, everyone would be doing checklists on the possible violations- seatbelts? Check. Tinting? Not that dark also. Alcohol breath? Shudder.. But as it turns out, we were doing a 104KM/h on an 80KM/h highway. Wind down windows please.. does the 'check the license' thingy and tells us the fine will cost us 300 bucks. He then asks if we're students and if we could afford the summon. Well, generally one would assume that he's asking for a bribe, right? Rasuah wat.. they're famous for that. I was put to shame when he just smiled and said "Kalau student, cakap saja sorry, i bagi lepas". In english, that would mean "if you're a student, just say sorry and i'll let you go." WHOAH! That's a first.

So maybe there is hope after all in this corrupt world of ours.

editor's note: i didn't write that, guys. she did. *points finger at sue-the-moo*. my england not so powderful one.. tralalalala..

Ready . Get set . Go

I have my flight tickets booked. My tanning oil ready to go. Bikini? Check. Awesome beach body? Uh.. skip. *blushes*

Sabah, here i come. Sun, Sea, Sand..

I swear.. NOTHING makes me happier than being on the beach, facing the ocean, listening to Hed Kandi, sipping a Bloody Mary and getting a glowing golden tan. At least i'm hoping it'd end up being a nice golden tan.

Great. Now i just have to make sure i get the dates right and wake up in time for my 7am flight. Darn.

** Blardy hell.. don't start celebrating so soon, people. I'm only leaving on the 6th of July. Geez.. Have some mercy.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Painting the town in rainbow colors

It's the holiday!!!!

You know what that means.. *nods head vigorously*. Parties. Alcohol. *sighs of ecstacy*

I swear that i don't drink. Gimme a couple of shots and it's down, down, down i go. The past week however has been crazy. I blame it all on Sue-the-Moo. It all started when a friend gave me a bottle of Dewars. I asked him "why?".. he said, "just for fcuks". Okay.. Then it was the Black Label Sue-the-Moo had to buy for the barbeque. Then she brought the bottle of red wine. Which made me go buy my own white wine. My house is filled with bottles of liquor. One month ago.. all you'd find here are soft drinks and cans of tomato juice. (I can hear some people go "eww!")

Every single night of last week ended up with me pissing alcohol. *faints*

Thursday, 16th June

The girls and i went for Ghetto Heaven on Thursday to meet up wit Kash who's back from Perth for the hols. We were late.. as usual. So we had to pay for cover. Imagine that. Girls having to pay for cover on Ladies' Night. What's with the time limit anyway? They should know that girls have to take their time to look good right?

Well anyway, MiniLini and Sue-the-Moo didn't want to pay the 30 bucks for cover. Apparently it was way too expensive and off their budget. Broke and poor mah.. what to do right?

They ended up buying a bottle of Black Label. *sighs in exasperation* Didn't they just say that they were tight on cash? I wasn't complaining though. Haha.. I guess we people find any excuse possible to buy bottles. Oh well.. Money well spent.

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Picture A.

Image hosted by
Picture B. Haha.. Can you "spot the difference?"

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The rugrats.

Image hosted by
Ain't she just so cute?

Image hosted by
Sue-the-Moo is a pro at taking pictures while driving. Welcome to the Photo-slut club, Sue.

Image hosted by
WHAT? I'm not vain.. i just wasn't driving.. and i was bored.. so... *trails off*

I know what you're thinking. Where's the pic of Kash? Ahh.. i was too lazy to bring the cam into the club so.. no picture loh. Hehe. Smart hor? Zouk was PACKED to the max. THAT i didn't like. Try dancing on the podium and having bitches who can't dance pushing you off with their huge-ass umm.. asses. Iyerr.. not fun. It was crazy. Ran into so many Limkokwing students. Walking to the restroom was like squeezing your way through a wild stampede of elephants. Towards the second-half of the night, the music went from pretty-good to awfully-outdated. Mr. DJ ran out of songs i guess.. and that's when i started yawning. Wished i was in some chill-out bar instead. But i guess it's the company that counts. The girls were great fun so that made up for everything. Try having a drunk MiniLini telling you repeatedly that she loves you. And then she starts kissing you, smearing her lipgloss all over your cheeks. Fun right?

Image hosted by
The after-party. See what i mean by Sue becoming a photo-slut too?

Image hosted by
Me a tad red and tipsy..

Image hosted by
This was supposed to be a picture of me la.. but as you can see.. Sue-the-Slut just HAD to be in it somewhere.

Image hosted by
This one major classic photo la.

Image hosted by
The boys whom we met up with..

The night ended deliciously though. The boys and their huge huge gang of friends brought us to Jalan Alor for some nasty BBQ chicken wings, Lala, Hokkien Mee and Fried Rice. Scrumptious! I swear to God.. it beats cold mamak food anytime. I went home full, happy and contented.


Friday, 17th June

Sue-the-Moo and i decided to pay MiniLini a visit in Ampang. Dunno why.. this week damn semangat to drive around.

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Sue and I in Lini's room. She has a french window dammit.. Lucky girl.. :/

Had dinner at Suzi's in Ampang. It's just a mamak stall and a western food stall side by side but it's a pretty famous place i'd say. Awesome tomyam. I felt like i was in some 'Sex and the City' episode. We were having dinner.. while talking about men and sex. Seriously. During food.

We came up with the conclusion that it is never fun to swallow. And i don't mean the dinner.

Next, we went to KLCC to chill out at Shrooms.

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On the escalator also can find time to take pictures.

For that night, we decided to stay off alcohol and be good girls. Must have moderation in everything we do, no?

Image hosted by
Alcohol? Nah..

Image hosted by
MiniLini smiling for the camera.

Image hosted by
Sue-the-Moo giving her "i'm-pretending-that-i-am-not-aware-of-the-camera" pose.

Sue and i had a mocha shake and a virgin mary each. Lini ended up with some weird alcoholic cocktail again. I give up.

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It's made up of tomato juice, tobasco sauce, and spices. Haha..

Image hosted by
Wonder what they're looking at..

Image hosted by
Uh.. Yeah.

Image hosted by
And of course, some tongue action.

The live band playing at Shrooms was awesome. Those people can sing man.. When one girl opened her mouth, i was amazed at how strong her voice was. Definitely worth the drive. But when they started playing "Bring Me To Live" by Evanescence, it made me realise that it doesn't matter how well you can sing, if you wanna do jazz, stick to it. She even tried rapping and grinding to the guy's part. Awful..

I'm definitely broke. I can't keep going out and ordering expensive drinks like this everyday. Have to stick to mamak stores from now on.

I've to go now. Gotta get ready to meet the girls to go shopping at Petaling Street. Eh.. Cheap stuff wat.. *geez*